Hi, I'm Jon, and I'm a writer and editor. As a writer, I'm primarily a poet – one who sees the job of the poet as philosophical and imaginative exploration, to seek out new ways of seeing. A kind of linguistic chemistry – marshalling and unleashing the effects when words are used in certain combinations, constellations and concentrations – is more than helpful in making these micro-expeditions into the unknown.

I don't belong to any school and I freely incorporate a multitude of methods and subject matter – in fact, I'm a rather keen advocate of bridging the illusory gap between popular and classical culture. I've collaged poems from contemporary manga but also written on English history, translated obscene Medieval Welsh poems and plugged Caligula into Final Fantasy IV. I've been published in books compiling science-fiction poetry, experimental new forms and poems inspired by cult TV and film.

I also co-run a small press, Sidekick Books, which is wholly committed to collaborative and cross-media projects. We're putting together a four volume series of newly commissioned illustrations and poems celebrating Britain's native bird species, among other things.

I write articles and short essays – not just on poetry but on gaming, animation and graphic fiction – and I also do a little digital/book design and illustration. I'm not a big believer in specialisation.

School of Forgery

Poetry Book Society Summer Recommendation

Salt Publishing, 96pp, Hardcover, RRP12.99,
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School of Forgery plunders the treasure-filled territories between original and derivative, fabricated and found, real and imagined. Here, through the medium of translations, travesties, knock-offs, collages and impersonations, through wrong-footing, fluid forms and wild tales, the slipperiness of language and identity is revealed for what it is. School of Forgery does manga and sixties spy thrillers, mustard and mimic octopuses. It dices up blogs, books and Tom Jones. It's on the hunt for honesty in every form of treachery ... and occasionally finds it.

“These are poems with an edge, or rather, multiple sharp edges, poems as elaborate 'fabrications' challenging conventions of form and voice. This is an inspired, integrated debut, endlessly inventive, with a lively intertextuality and a wide frame of reference. The language is both playful and hard-wrought, words at high voltage, words as collector's items.”
PBS Selectors' Comments

“The sincerity of affectation, the aesthetic sentimentality, of these poems, is a new beast. There is skill, craft, technique here, and off the shelf pop references, but also a step-change level of intricate game-playing. For want of a better word, this really is dandyish. It's European stuff. Rich, thick, arty, revelling in the accessible opacity, the frostwork jouissance.”